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Jewelry Sketches



Have Multiple Ideas? Have old jewelry and don't know what can be done with it? Ready to get engaged and want to design the ring they would love?

Stop on in and show some inspiration pictures, bring those old pieces in with you. We will help you design just what you're looking for, while keeping it within budget! 




Have a specific cut/ quality stone you would like to get? Have a price range in mind? 

We will work around your budget to ensure that you get the BEST stone you can get within budget, and show you a variety of available stones. Just schedule an appointment with us and we will have the stones available to look at for that day. Not sure what the difference in stones would be? We will show you all of the pro's and con's to each stone available. We strive to give the best customer experience we can while you choose the stone you love. 




Not sure which material to go with? 

We have a variety of materials for you to choose from while building your masterpiece.

Included are:

White Gold
Rose Gold

Yellow Gold 



We can show you examples as well as help you choose the material that is best for you!




Do you outsource your jewelry? Can I see my design as it comes to life? How long will my custom piece take?

Each and every one of our custom designs, is fully completed in house. This allows us to ensure the best prices available, as well as allow us to show you your piece every step of the way! Want to see your piece in raw metal without stones set in? We can send you some pictures, or you can stop on in and take a look at it, simply come in with an open imagination!

We do our best to ensure that all of our custom designs are created quickly, while still maintaining our high standard of quality. We have a general turn around time of 2 weeks (if additional time is required, you will be notified at the time your order is placed.)
*Holiday time frame is adjusted



Polishing/ Rhodium

How often should I clean my jewelry? What's the difference between polishing and just steam cleaning? Why is my piece rhodium plated?  

When your piece is given to you, it is polished to perfection! We always want to make sure that your pieces sparkle to their best potential. You can stop on in and we can steam (High heat and cleaning solution) your pieces, usually while you wait! 

Polishing your pieces every time, would begin to take away metal. We usually suggest to wait until you have some noticeable scratches before
re-polishing it back to it's original beauty. We always want to protect the integrity of your pieces! 
All White Gold pieces are rhodium plated, which allows for that bright, sparkly finish. Once the rhodium starts to wear off, the piece has a slight yellow tint (Don't worry, that's normal!)



Completed Piece

When can i pick up my piece? What insurance policy do you have?

Once your piece is complete we will give you a call and you can come and pick it up! 

We don't have any insurance policies for the pieces, but any time you want to bring in your piece to get checked, he will review the prongs, and all of the stones and let you know if there are any problems. 

While the piece is here for inspection, he will also clean the ring for you, so that you can go home with your nice and sparkly pieces! 

We take pride in our workmanship and ensure that everything is up to the highest quality and standards!


Available Services

Here at Pablo's we offer both Retail and Wholesale Services

as well as jewelry repair, manufacturing, and watch repair.

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