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Out with "Traditional" Engagement Rings?

Do the #royal weddings bring in new trends? They definitely make fashion statements with their beautiful #engagement rings, that's for sure.


The most common engagement rings have always been your traditional diamond and gold settings. With recent celebrity and royal weddings we've seen a new trend rising, colored engagement rings!

While diamond rings are always stunning and classic, the dramatic entrance that a colored center stone makes, will leave you breathless. Kate Middleton, wearing Princess Diana's Sapphire and Diamond ring, steals the spotlight. We've always been told that an engagement ring should be strictly Diamonds. What's wrong with adding in a little color?

Colored stones have a hidden meaning many people often don't know.

What does each color mean?

-Green Emeralds: Luck & Good Fortune

-Blue Sapphire: Wisdom & Royalty

-Ruby: Love & Passion

-Blue Topaz: Balance Emotions & Bring Joy

-Purple Amethyst: Peace

-Pink Tourmaline: Love & Happiness

There are plenty of options that are out of "traditional" engagement ring styles that are just as rare and beautiful! So when you're shopping for those special rings, keep colored stones in mind. You might just be able to add a little bit of extra meaning to the ring as well as save yourself a little bit of money!

Diamonds or Gemstones, we are here to make your engagement ring a dream come true!

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